I’m thinking about hiring an online marketing mentor

Should I?

My heart says “yes.”  No, it says, “absolutely, dummy… why wouldn’t you?”

The way I see it, anything that sounds too good to be true usually is.  I’m not into the hype, the gizmos, the gadgets, the push-button promises.  Puke.  No thanks.

Never been tempted by any of that stuff.

But I do believe in paying an expert to train me on what they know.

Think about it.

All pro athletes have coaches; usually several.  Actors?  Same thing.  Vocalists?  Yep, you got it — voice coaches.  Celebs?  Life coaches.

You name it, the elite pay others who’ve already mastered their craft, to share their wisdom and hep streamline their own results.

Coaching may be the only real shortcut that exists.

It’s a big investment, but what’s my opportunity cost of not investing?  Years of time?  Missing out on my kids growing up?  Stresses of bills and grownup stuff?

Arguing and bickering with my husband about how much extra we should put against the house each month?

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not broke.  But average.  Very average.  Like most Americans, we’re barely over the ol’ living paycheck to paycheck cliche.  Just by a smidgen.

Life would definitely be more enjoyable if I could help my family gain some wiggle room.

Gosh, how great it’d feel to get the house paid down and build up a reserve savings at the same time.

That’s what drives me.

But I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get there on my own.  This trial and error stuff is exhausting.

And I feel as though I’ll ultimately nickel and dime myself to death if I don’t just step up and put some real money into personal guidance.

I just want someone who’s already living the life I want to live to take me by the hand and walk me to Profitville (beautiful town — you ever been there?).

Is that too much to ask?

Am I being unrealistic?

If anyone’s starting to find this blog yet… have you bought into any coaching programs or 1-on-1 mentoring before?

Would love some feedback.

My mind is pretty much made up that this IS the next logical step.  Now, it’s all about finding the right teacher who actually cares enough to give me the support I need.

Potential Coaches

So, my research has led me to a few potential candidates.

First, there’s this Lazy MLM coach (Brad Campbell), who offers mentoring to frustrated network marketers.

While I love his blog content and feel like he’s a cool guy who really knows his stuff, the MLM thing is a big turnoff.  Personally, I’ve never believed in multi-level marketing and I’m not about to start now.  It’s gross.

To be fair, his pitch is anything but traditional — essentially, he says he’ll show MLM’ers how to promote their business opportunity online, in place of home parties, 3-way calls, hotel meetings and all that jazz.

Okay, so that’s better.  But still.  MLM?  Gross.

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Vacations Made Simple

Vacations are one of the most enjoyable, memorable and fun events you’ll ever experience with your family. Going on a family vacation is a great way for you and your kids to unwind and get away from the day to day stress of ‘real life’.

Having said that, vacations can also be a stressful, anxious and nerve-wracking time if you don’t plan properly. The goal is to relax while on vacation…whether it’s at the beach, in the mountains or on a cruise. Relaxation and fun are the ultimate goals. In order to do that, you must be properly prepared and plan your trip out accordingly.

Here are a few simple tips to help you do this…

1. Plan your entire trip from start to finish. What time are you leaving?  Are the travel arrangements in place? If you’re flying, make sure you have your tickets, luggage and other essentials ready. Know the airport policies and procedures prior to arriving, so you can avoid any delays. If you’re driving, make sure your vehicle has been properly maintained prior to the trip. Take it to your local garage for a check-up to avoid any unnecessary problems.

2. Make a list of everything you need to bring with you. Start this list well in advance and continue to add to it as things pop into your head. Whether you plan on bringing a lot or a little, a list helps you keep track of what you need. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination and realizing you forgot something simple like sun tan lotion or worse yet, your computer…and having to waste time going to the store and back for this one thing.

3. Talk to your kids about the trip. Let them know what they should expect as far as traveling a long distance, and what’s expected of them during the vacation. Lay down some guidelines for them to follow…what they can and can’t do, and how they should behave during the trip and once you arrive at your destination. If it’s a ‘technology free’ vacation, talk to them about that in advance and explain the benefits of leaving their devices at home.

4. Save enough money. This is obvious, but make sure you have enough money to enjoy your entire trip. There’s nothing worse than having to scrape pennies while on vacation. Save enough so you can truly enjoy your time with your family.

By following the simple tips above, you and your family will be able to have an fun and memorable vacation.  If you’re in need of a suggestion of where to travel, check out Travelocity.

You won’t believe this…

Limousine – means of transportation with style.

Aka limo, and how to ride in the lap of luxury.

There are countless ways getting from A to B. If it isn’t far or you want to do sports, you

can go on foot. Courageous might also take the bike.

But it is often easier to get into your own car, to save time or because it is the easiest

option. Local public transport is not really in every place the transportation of choice.

Who does not live in a big city will probably do great or even better without public

transport. And let’s be honest: Who wants to carry their purchases several miles or take

it home by bus?

The car is easy and remains the main means of transportation of our everyday life. We’ll

go to work, go shopping, take our children to school or sports, or ride it in the holidays.

Longer distances we naturally take the plane. We do, however, not every day. It really

is not always inexpensive, even if it saves a lot of time and we sometimes also have no

other option. Visiting Hawaii without airplane is obviously relatively difficult.

The Number One thus remains our own car.

There are a variety of events for which our set of wheels is simply unsuitable or

inadequate. Befitting to the prom you do not want to actually drive up necessarily in

your rickety Honda Civic. Maybe Daddy also has ready a great sports car. But that might

be the exception.

At a wedding, the occasion par excellence in life, you want to make the trip to the church

perfectly. But the car owned suffices that hardly.

Who is organizing a bachelor party needs a special means of transportation, as a rule,

a driver and of course it should always include something special. Not everyone is

immediately hiring a party bus, even though it might be obvious.

There are dozens of occasions for which we need a very special means of transportation.

Renting a limousine is just perfect for it. Everyone can afford such a luxury vehicle

relatively inexpensive, in principle, to all kinds of events or circumstances.

Leave your own car behind if you want to stand out. The big advantage: you can easily

drink alcohol because the driver is already included. In doubt, the chauffeur is even

helping with problems in the organization during that day. Luggage and bags at the

airport or shopping can be carried as well. What else can you want?

But not only for various private events and personal enjoyment limousines can be an

interesting means of transportation.

For particular customers you can simply and effectively offer a special service. These

great vehicles make an impression and attract attention. This is also one of the main

reasons why a limousine is perfect for general marketing purposes. Particularly large

events and fairs are made for it.

Cold, Harsh Winters in Calgary

In the Calgary climate we are bombarded with cold harsh winters.  We constantly use our furnaces to ensure that our homes and family are kept warm.  As a result, however, the build of allergens, dust, and bacteria are given more of an opportunity throughout the year. This contributes to the circulation of all these organisms more in a concentrated air space meaning that your home air is potentially 2-5 times more toxic then outside.  Due to the long winter, this translates into your being exposed to this constant attack on your immune system for the majority of the year. In conjunction with this, as allergens and dust build up the efficiency of the furnace system starts to degrade which will mean your furnace has to work harder to continue heating the home. Bottom line you end up paying more for utilities and have a less efficient furnace. So what can be done to ensure this doesn’t happen?  Give us a call at Calgary Furnace Clean.  We have been serving Calgary for over 20 years.  Our team of certified professionals will be happy to help get your furnace operating back at peak efficiency, circulating clean air throughout your home.

When our team arrives we introduce ourselves and then will inspect the layout of your home, making sure that we understand the layout of your home, identifying all the ducts and vents throughout before dismantling your furnace. We then connect large vacuum hoses to our HVAC trucks outside, this ensures that everything that is removed from the vents and air system is removed completely. Our technicians then start vacuuming the vents on the top floor and work our way to down to the lowest levels of your home. By the time all is finished your furnace and duct work will be pristine clean.  We have many cleaning packages, and will work with you to make sure that all your furnace cleaning needs are met.

At Calgary Furnace Clean we can cover all your heating and HVAC needs we offer such services as:

  • Furnace and duct cleaning to keep clean air circulating
  • Furnace Inspection so we can make recommendations as to what can be done to either repair, improve, or replace your current central heating system
  • Dryer vent cleaning to ensure that lint build up does not pose a fire risk and also extend the life of your dryer
  • Humidifier repairs and installation as Calgary has an extremely dry climate, having a humidifier installed will increase the length of wood floors and other such items in your house
  • Furnace damper installation to help keep the cold air out and the warm air in saving you money on heating costs
  • 24 hour emergency response. We know it is imperative to have an operating furnace, especially during the winter. If you experience troubles, no matter what time of day, we’ll get things back up and running, so you and your family stay warm.
  • We do much more for a complete list of all services available check us out online

Whatever your furnace needs are, give Calgary Furnace Clean a call at 587.803.0146 we will be happy to help you with any furnace or central air system needs you may have.

How to Lose Weight When Everything Else Has Failed

Okay you want to lose weight in fact you desperately need to lose weight. But the problem is you’ve tried every type of diet and every type of exercise program and despite all of this you cannot lose any weight at all. And even if you do lose a bit of weight you eventually gain it all back. The fact of the matter is you are not alone. I hear the story each and every day six days a week. Clients from all over the country either fly into my office or consult with me on Skype and even Google video chat. Throughout the years of my practice I have found that most people are overweight not from a lack of effort but from a lack of good scientifically correct information. You see almost everyone is trying the latest and greatest diet, exercise program or following the trending fitness expert. I hate to tell you but if this is what you are doing you will never lose weight and if you do lose weight you will never keep it off. You’re just playing a game and being caught up in all the marketing that is being put out there by these big corporations. Most of the stuff they are telling you while actually make you fatter and decrease your health. And then there are those of you that complain about losing weight but you never eat good nutritional food, you never exercise and you basically do whatever you want. And then you complain that you can’t lose weight. Hopefully this doesn’t describe you. So if you are finally ready to get healthy, lose weight and get physically fit I’m going to tell you how to do it.

First of all let’s start by throwing away all the books you have purchased and read one diet and exercise. And erase all of that stuff from your memory. Then you have to forget all of the stupid information that we’ve seen on various television shows and infomercials on TV. Thirdly stop watching all of these idiotic television shows where people profess to be health experts. Even the television shows that have real medical doctors on them only give you a teaser bit of information. They don’t go into the full details and facts that may actually be beneficial for you. Instead they give you a little teaser tidbit of information and then you go on the Internet and look for products and just windup buying a bunch of junk. And please don’t even get me started about your local vitamin stores. Most of them have people faced teenagers behind the counter giving you recommendations on products that will supposedly burn fat and turn you into a lean mean sex machine. Honestly this just makes me laugh.


After you have done all of this you have to make a promise to yourself that you are going to do what is necessary to achieve your weight loss goals. First where going to start with a little bit of exercise. All you have to do is walk for 30 consecutive minutes first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and this will burn all of the sugar out of your body. This will increase your fat burning metabolism for the majority of the day and put you in a negative calorie balance. Meaning that you will actually store less calories as fat throughout the entire day.


Then you are going to restrict your sugar intake. This includes fruit, you’re starchy carbohydrates like bread, pasta and rice and totally eliminate all cakes and pastries. This does sound drastic but I do give my weight loss clients one sheet meal a week. Lots of people enjoy a nice cup of coffee and I have to confess I enjoy a cup of coffee every morning. But in my coffee I am putting a packet of Stevia, which is a natural herb, and/or Truvia which is a derivative of Stevia. For creamers I am using either a sugar-free French vanilla creamer or half-and-half or heavy cream. If you have a really strong sweet tooth you can even put a bit of reddi-whip in your coffee.

You should eat your first meal within the first hour of waking up and this meal should contain good quality protein and good healthy fat like avocados or something like that. You want to graze all day long meaning you want to eat about 5 to 6 small meals a day. So after breakfast you should be eating every 3 – 4 hours.

In a perfect world I would ask you to stop eating approximately three hours before you go to bed. This is because after you have finished eating approximately five hours later your body starts burning fat. So if you stop eating at 7 PM by midnight your body a fat burning machine. And he will be burning fat throughout the whole into your entire night until you have breakfast first thing in the morning.

You also want to be sure to eat at least a pound of vegetables each and every day. To me it doesn’t matter if they are cooked or raw just as long as you are eating good fresh vegetables it doesn’t matter. Be sure to eat lots of green leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables.

Fat also plays a major role in losing weight and being fit and healthy. But you want to eat a good healthy fats like avocados, flaxseeds, olives, coconut oil and olive oil.

So wrapping all of this up you can see that it’s not really that difficult to lose weight, be fit and healthy. If you are doing all of this and still having a difficult time losing weight then you probably have a hormonal type of issue and I highly recommend that you consult with a medical weight loss health care provider. They are trained to look at your particular situation individually and determine what will be best for you to lose weight. You can always ask your family doctor for recommendation for a weight loss health care provider but you can also do an Internet search if your doctor does not have any recommendations for you.

For example my weight loss clinic is located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania so for people looking for help with weight loss in Philadelphia they could just go to Google and do a search for “medical weight loss Philadelphia”.

Doing a search like this will give you a nice list of weight loss doctors and clinics to call and chat with them and see which program you feel to be the best fit for you. Many facilities will also give you a free initial consultation at least I know in my office our initial consultation is totally free.

I hope you enjoy this article and I hope this helps you.

The Deschutes River in Central Oregon

Any one that wants a great river adventure should try out the Deschutes River in Central Oregon which has its source on the eastern slope of the Cascades range. It flows along the eastern flank of the mountains to it’s final destination at the Mighty Columbia River. The river flows through section of easy flowing and accessible areas and then plunges in to deep canyons with little or no accessibility.

The river is a Mecca for trout and steelhead fishing enthusiast he river is divided into three distinct sections the upper, middle and lower Deschutes. Each has its own distinct geography and character.  The upper extends from the headwater through the city of Bend. Here it is a mix of easy flowing water through forested areas lined with giant Ponderosa pine trees. In the last miles above the city of Bend it drops into a canyon with several waterfalls and little accessibility befor it emerges into the city of Bend. Below the city the nature of the river begins to change into a high desert river canyon with fewer trees and more sage and juniper. it moves into remote Canyon areas of the Middle Deschutes.

This part of the river is quite remote with little access before it empties into Lake Billy Chinook along with the Metolius and Crooked Rivers. These three rivers combine to make up the flow of the Lower Deschutes River below Pelton Dam. This part of the river flows through a large canyon with high canyon walls and little accessibility except but a few locations. It is now a big river in a large Desert canyon with a great biological, historical and cultural heritage.

The upper part of the lower Section is boarded on the west side of the canyon is owned by The Confederated Tribes of Oregon and still remains on of the most remote and least visited regions of the state. Deer, elk, bear and mountain lions along with wild mustangs and bighorn sheep are not uncommon along the river and side canyons. The lower part of the river is the most heavily used section of the river although access is still quite limited. The users are predominantly whitewater rafters and fisherman floating the river in search of thrills and a wilderness experience. The float is typically divided into 2 sections.

The upper section extends from Warm Springs on the Reservation as Oregon highway 26 crosses the Deschutes to the areas above Schears Falls and below the city of Maupin. The lower is from below the falls to the confluence of the Deschutes with the Columbia River. These two sections make up a world class fishery for the famous Deschutes Resides trout and the large summer and winter steelhead runs up the river. It also has runs of Salmon as well. The Deschutes River is one of only a few river in the American continent which flow north which the Willamette River which flows through Portland another major Oregon river.

The history of the river is shaped by the westward expansion of the Oregon Trail and the push of the Railroads in the late part of the nineteen century to claim the riches of central Oregon. During these early days it was a mix of outlaws, Native American and hardy settlers vying to claim the riches of this mighty river and it’s majestic high desert landscape.

Is Local Internet Marketing The Future For Affiliates?

If you’re a struggling affiliate who’s tried just about every type of make money online course, program, tactic, strategy or loophole–and still isn’t making diddly squat–listen up.

First, know that it’s okay.  Totally not your fault.

Second, you’ve been lied to.  More than once.  By ultra greedy gurus who’re pitching you these pie-in-the-sky ideas, and making them too mouth-watering to resist.  So, you buy, they run, and you get left holding what the little boy shot at and missed.  Nothing!

Third, despite the bleak outlook, believe me, there ARE in fact legitimate ways to build a successful business from your laptop.

One of those ways… perhaps the best of those ways… is what I’m about to coach you on right now.

It’s called (drum roll please)…


And it’s the ultimate model for internet entrepreneurs who want to take back control of their business.  No more leaving it up to the vendors.  Or waiting around for 3-6 weeks to get paid.  Or forking over 10% right off the bat, to bank-account-gouging payment processors.

Local marketing fixes what’s broken with all the other IM models.

See, when you do it correctly, you’re in control.  You determine how much you get paid and when.  You take the payment.  Nobody can pull the rug out from under you.

Oh, and even better?  This model is sustainable and scalable.  It’s built for the long-term.

Want details?  (Now that you’re salivating at the mouth?)

Here goes:

  1. The value is undeniable: you’re generating leads for local brick and mortar businesses, then charging them for those leads.
  2. The competition is almost nonexistent.  There are thousands of cities in the world, each one with hundreds of local businesses that need our help.
  3. You can actually achieve the fast-lane-friendly principles of obtaining wealth quickly: you can reach scale (sell this service to nearly unlimited amounts of small business owners) and magnitude (charging up to multiple-thousands of dollars) and have a rental system (as you’ll get paid every 30 days, for life, if everything goes according to plan).
  4. You can actually make this 99% hands-free.  Passivity is a huge benefit of starting up an e-business, but, contrary to the pipe dreams the gurus are selling, most strategies are anything but passive.  With local lead-getting, it’s a true set-and-forget system.  No messy customer support; no emails; no product creation or fulfillment; no technical headaches–just press go, sit back, and collect your monthly “mailbox money.”

Does that sound sexy or what?

Now.  In terms of how you go about setting up your first local income stream, it’s actually simpler than you’d expect.  You’re going to cherry pick the perfect niche, in the perfect city.  One that ensures you’ll produce lots of leads with little effort.  Low hanging fruit type-of-thing.

With local, you’d be surprised to learn that even larger cities like Las Vegas, which have huge earning potential, are not all that hard to compete for.  One of my colleagues made this limo rental site, as an example:


Cool, right?  Pro tip: apparently, limousine rentals are white hot right now.  That’s like red hot times three.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s another one I’ve seen go up serving Des Moines, Iowa http://www.dmlimos.com/.  Limo lead generation websites are making a killing right now, but that’s just one niche.

Think about all the other possibilities.  You’ve got salons, dentists, doctors, lawyers, surgeons, taxi companies, tow trucks, veterinarians, cleaning services, window tinting, pool cleaning–the list goes on and on, til the break of dawn.

Take all those real-life businesses and then think about going into thousands of cities worldwide and hand-selecting the very best opportunities.

Crazy, right?

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Picking The Perfect Online MLM Company

So I went ahead and got coaching, just as I said I was going to do, with MLM coach Brad Campbell.

So far, so good.

Brad’s been great and I’ve already learned a ton, just in the first two weeks alone.  Oddly enough, despite entering the mentoring program with a totally anti-MLM mindset, I guess I’ve been served some Kool-Aid because now I’m seeing the light.

I’m seeing that if you run your network marketing business online, through blogging and SEO, you can “go fast and look sexy” as Brad says.  And you can do so without being slimy, scuzzy or awkward.  You can do it without home parties, 3-way calls or recruiting all of your friends and family.  That’s the beauty of being ranked high on page one of Google.

The buyers come to you.

Okay, great, but why MLM, right?  Why not use that same process but do it for something else, like a weight loss product that’s not multi-level marketing?

Well, I wondered the same thing going in, but now I see why: because MLM is wide open.

There’s so much search volume–so many buyers out there–and there’s lower competition.  Crazy, huh?  Add to that the fact that you can (potentially) see leveraged income from your teammates… and now you’re cooking with digital gas.

Stand back.  This fire’s about to blow.

So, yeah, I know you’re thinking I’ve been hypnotically forced into going down Brad’s path, but I’ve done my research and the stats don’t lie.  Working an MLM business over the internet is so much more powerful than simply being an affiliate or selling ad space or trying to launch your own products and services.

Yes, down the road, you’ll generally stand to make more and have greater control if you sell your own stuff; but starting out, what am I really gonna sell?  I’m not into the whole fake it til you make it thing.  So I’m not gonna pretend to be a guru and start selling information.  No thanks.  I want to earn my stripes.

And I’ve decided that a digital MLM business is the surest way for me to achieve that.

Now then… which one?  Which company do I jump into to start this journey?

Top Online MLM Companies I’m Considering

My mentor, Brad, told me about a handful of potential opportunities that would work well online.

He based his recommendations on a handful of things:

  1. Past experience that either he had, directly, with each company or that one of his coaching clients had with said company.
  2. Each company’s terms of service–meaning, are they even online-friendly to begin with?  If not, it’s a no-go, obviously.
  3. Demand.  In our case, search volume.  How many people are out there, actively searching for “buyer keywords?”
  4. Compensation plan.  Just because there’s lots of searchers, doesn’t mean you’ll make much money.
  5. The chances of team duplication.  Simply put, some products and services are harder to sell online, which is why home parties work so well.

Factoring in all of the above, his top picks were AdvoCare, WakeUpNow, and Empower Network.

Although, he did say that Empower Network seemed to be on the decline.

So really, it came down to AdvoCare or Wake Up Now.

He’s got two other coaching clients in WUN, Kelly White and Ken Mabry; and one client in Advo Care, Gregg Kellogg.

All three students are building their business non-traditionally via blogging.

Here’s a snapshot of Kelly’s Wake Up Now blog:


And Ken’s WUN blog:


And then Gregg’s AdvoCare blog:


(Nice going, guys!)

Sprinkle some social media marketing, YouTube videos, press releases and word of mouth into the mix, and you’ve got a pretty nice little formula for going faster on the internet; while everyone else goes the traditional offline route.  Make sense?

It does to me… and that’s why I’m super duper excited.

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3 sneaky SEO tips I recently learned

So in my quest to create a successful blog here, I’ve been delving into everything I can get my paws on in terms of blogging, copywriting, sales, persuasion, and of course, search engine optimization (or SEO).

I’m trying to build a baseline so I can hit the ground running when I pull the trigger on my internet marketing coach.  Which will happen by end of this week.  Tee-hee.  So excited.


I did roughly five hours of hardcore research into the latest and greatest search engine supremacy tactics.  Wanted to see what the top guns are doing here in April 2014.

The general consensus was: not a whole heckuva lot has changed.

Google, the 800-lb gorilla of the search engine game, still wants to see one thing above and beyond everything else — compelling, engaging, “sticky” content.

Articles, pictures and videos that your target audience actually loves consuming.

Nothing earth-shattering there.

Every since I first got online, I’ve been hearing that content is king.  And it’s still wearing the crown, more than ever, today.

So, assuming I continually take my blog posts to the next level, what about the juicy stuff?

I’m not into gimmicks and loopholes… so that’s not what I mean here… but I was certainly curious to see what’s fresh in the “gray hat” world.  Meaning, what are the fairly-safe-but-still-aggressive link building strategies those atop Google’s front page are implementing?

Well, after five gruesome (but entertaining) hours of digging, I happened upon some pretty cool stuff.

Today, I’ll share three semi-sneaky SEO techniques that are hotter than ever.

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What is this Ann Hamilton blog stuff all about?

Hello and welcome to my new website…

Being the uncreative person I am, it’s just my name silly.  My name, my blog, my views, my journey through this online business world.

As you’ll (hopefully) read about on my story page, I’m just your average, everyday mom trying to use the internet to make some part-time income to help support and take some of the burden off my husband’s solders.

I’m not a total newbie.

I’ve always loved writing and have played around with this blogging thing for the past year and a half.  So I know the basics.

And I believe I can add value to the ol’ world wide web.

I’ve developed a fascination with SEO (or search engine optimization).  I want to be able to rank at the top of Google for all sorts of words, as I know that skill is worth a lot of money and one that I can “sell” in a variety of ways.

So here on AnnHamiltonBlog.com, I’ll be sharing some of my successes and failures — showing you what works, what doesn’t, and hopefully inspiring other stay at home moms to follow my lead.

I know this can work.  I’m starting to actually believe it WILL work.

And, best of all, I’m finding that I enjoy (read: am totally geeking-out on) the process.

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