I’m thinking about hiring an online marketing mentor

Should I?

My heart says “yes.”  No, it says, “absolutely, dummy… why wouldn’t you?”

The way I see it, anything that sounds too good to be true usually is.  I’m not into the hype, the gizmos, the gadgets, the push-button promises.  Puke.  No thanks.

Never been tempted by any of that stuff.

But I do believe in paying an expert to train me on what they know.

Think about it.

All pro athletes have coaches; usually several.  Actors?  Same thing.  Vocalists?  Yep, you got it — voice coaches.  Celebs?  Life coaches.

You name it, the elite pay others who’ve already mastered their craft, to share their wisdom and hep streamline their own results.

Coaching may be the only real shortcut that exists.

It’s a big investment, but what’s my opportunity cost of not investing?  Years of time?  Missing out on my kids growing up?  Stresses of bills and grownup stuff?

Arguing and bickering with my husband about how much extra we should put against the house each month?

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not broke.  But average.  Very average.  Like most Americans, we’re barely over the ol’ living paycheck to paycheck cliche.  Just by a smidgen.

Life would definitely be more enjoyable if I could help my family gain some wiggle room.

Gosh, how great it’d feel to get the house paid down and build up a reserve savings at the same time.

That’s what drives me.

But I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get there on my own.  This trial and error stuff is exhausting.

And I feel as though I’ll ultimately nickel and dime myself to death if I don’t just step up and put some real money into personal guidance.

I just want someone who’s already living the life I want to live to take me by the hand and walk me to Profitville (beautiful town — you ever been there?).

Is that too much to ask?

Am I being unrealistic?

If anyone’s starting to find this blog yet… have you bought into any coaching programs or 1-on-1 mentoring before?

Would love some feedback.

My mind is pretty much made up that this IS the next logical step.  Now, it’s all about finding the right teacher who actually cares enough to give me the support I need.

Potential Coaches

So, my research has led me to a few potential candidates.

First, there’s this Lazy MLM coach (Brad Campbell), who offers mentoring to frustrated network marketers.

While I love his blog content and feel like he’s a cool guy who really knows his stuff, the MLM thing is a big turnoff.  Personally, I’ve never believed in multi-level marketing and I’m not about to start now.  It’s gross.

To be fair, his pitch is anything but traditional — essentially, he says he’ll show MLM’ers how to promote their business opportunity online, in place of home parties, 3-way calls, hotel meetings and all that jazz.

Okay, so that’s better.  But still.  MLM?  Gross.

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3 sneaky SEO tips I recently learned

So in my quest to create a successful blog here, I’ve been delving into everything I can get my paws on in terms of blogging, copywriting, sales, persuasion, and of course, search engine optimization (or SEO).

I’m trying to build a baseline so I can hit the ground running when I pull the trigger on my internet marketing coach.  Which will happen by end of this week.  Tee-hee.  So excited.


I did roughly five hours of hardcore research into the latest and greatest search engine supremacy tactics.  Wanted to see what the top guns are doing here in April 2014.

The general consensus was: not a whole heckuva lot has changed.

Google, the 800-lb gorilla of the search engine game, still wants to see one thing above and beyond everything else — compelling, engaging, “sticky” content.

Articles, pictures and videos that your target audience actually loves consuming.

Nothing earth-shattering there.

Every since I first got online, I’ve been hearing that content is king.  And it’s still wearing the crown, more than ever, today.

So, assuming I continually take my blog posts to the next level, what about the juicy stuff?

I’m not into gimmicks and loopholes… so that’s not what I mean here… but I was certainly curious to see what’s fresh in the “gray hat” world.  Meaning, what are the fairly-safe-but-still-aggressive link building strategies those atop Google’s front page are implementing?

Well, after five gruesome (but entertaining) hours of digging, I happened upon some pretty cool stuff.

Today, I’ll share three semi-sneaky SEO techniques that are hotter than ever.

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What is this Ann Hamilton blog stuff all about?

Hello and welcome to my new website…

Being the uncreative person I am, it’s just my name silly.  My name, my blog, my views, my journey through this online business world.

As you’ll (hopefully) read about on my story page, I’m just your average, everyday mom trying to use the internet to make some part-time income to help support and take some of the burden off my husband’s solders.

I’m not a total newbie.

I’ve always loved writing and have played around with this blogging thing for the past year and a half.  So I know the basics.

And I believe I can add value to the ol’ world wide web.

I’ve developed a fascination with SEO (or search engine optimization).  I want to be able to rank at the top of Google for all sorts of words, as I know that skill is worth a lot of money and one that I can “sell” in a variety of ways.

So here on AnnHamiltonBlog.com, I’ll be sharing some of my successes and failures — showing you what works, what doesn’t, and hopefully inspiring other stay at home moms to follow my lead.

I know this can work.  I’m starting to actually believe it WILL work.

And, best of all, I’m finding that I enjoy (read: am totally geeking-out on) the process.

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